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Analytics, court rulings (opinions of courts) and extracts from laws on general and specific issues of copyright law, protection of copyrights, issues of electronic commerce, and the fight against cybercrime are provided here. ILEX Law Internet Center has been situated in Ukraine. The issues we deal with relate to Ukraine, Russian Federation, and other states. Materials of ILEX may be of interest both to professionals and beginners in the area of law as well as to non-lawyers interested in the aforementioned issues.
Should you have questions with regard to the issues observed on this website and/or you encounter appropriate legal problems, you can contact us and we will try to do our best to help you.
Special project "Watch Copyright" at is being implemented in association with the ILEX Law Internet Center and covers issues of mainly administrative and criminal aspects of copyright enforcement.

In spring 2019 after sustained interruption new materials will be posted on the website.